Sebdude198 Test Results

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Sebdude198 Test Results

Post by JerichoTheUnwise on Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:47 am

Testee: Sebdude198

Tester: JerichoTheUnwise

Decks: JerichoTheUnwise: Koala Sebdude198: Timaeus Heroes

Attitude 10/10: Seb was constantly cheery, and was consistently polite when it came to monster effects.

Deck Build 19/25: While I have seen a similar combo pulled off, Seb had a version that was similar,
but in the end being more creative and having different winning picture.

Skill 22/25: Me and Seb constantly were fighting for control of the field, with Seb claiming it with really good moves,
and defending with good moves as well. He sided thoroughly and thought through what he was putting in.

Ruling Knowledge 10/10: Seb knew allot about rulings and never made a mistake.

Misplays and corrections 10/10: No misplays had come up, nor any confusions of rulings.

Result of Duels 10/20: Seb fought really hard and managed to totally dominate the field in our second duel, resulting in his
win there, but just narrowly lost the other two, but fought hard trying to win.

Total: 81/100

Testers Note: You were so close to Obelisk Blue if you had won that first match, you'd be there.

Slifer Red: 0-59

Ra Yellow: 60-89

Obelisk Blue: 90-99

Horktany Silver: 100/100

Society of Light is not a rank dorm.

Congratulations, you made it into Ra Yellow.


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