Ai Mori Test Results

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Ai Mori Test Results

Post by JerichoTheUnwise on Thu May 22, 2014 5:15 am

Decks: JerichoTheUnwise: Scrap. Ai Mori: Thunder

Attitude 10/10: Great attitude towards dueling me, didn't chatise me when I made misclicks.

Deck Build 23/25: A very competetive deck, that was definetly original and creative.

Skill 22/25: Made some nice moves, and was able to take the field from me several times.

Ruling Knowledge 10/10: Knows everything needed to funtion their deck. No rulings came up.

Misplays and corrections 10/10: No errors.

Result of Duels 20/20: Beat me 2-0.

Total 95/100: You are a fantastic duelist! You just need to be a little bit closer to get into the academies top dorm!

Don't be to harsh or to easy on them. Also explain in detail why you gave them the marks you did so they are able to improve as a duellist.

Slifer Red: 0-59

Ra Yellow: 60-89

Obelisk Blue: 90-99

Abandoned Dark Dorm : 100/100

Congratulations, you made it into Obelisk Blue!


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