Moka Cat Test Results

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Moka Cat Test Results

Post by jesussusej on Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:34 am

Testee: Harpies
Tester: Madolche

Attitude 10/10: Very polite

Deck Build 19/25
Competitiveness 15/15: Very powerful. Dropped dracoosack 2 out of the 3 duels. Also Summoned multiple rank 4 XYZ.
Originality 3/5: Looked like every other harpie deck
Creativity 1/5: Pretty basic
Suggestions: Pretty good deck with some strong monsters especially dracoosack. Good job overall. No suggestions right now.

Skill 23/25:
Siding 10/10: Sides a maxx C which helped her draw 3 d one of my combos, which led her to one of her victories.
Play Style 4/5: During overpush her moves. Saved some cards just in case something happened. Very smart play style.
Control 9/10: Was in control pretty much the whole time except for rhe first duel

Ruling Knowledge 10/10: Actually corrected a mistake I made. Changed the whole duel around.

Misplays and corrections 9/10: One small error with harpie channeleand harpie queen. Got mixed up on which one he summoned. Corrected it Instantly.

Result of Duels 15/20: Beat me twice, and I beat him once.

Total: 86 /100

Don't be to harsh or to easy on them. Also explain in detail why you gave them the marks you did so they are able to improve as a duellist.

Welcome to Ra Yellow. Close to Obelis Blue. Great job!


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