CalmWind's Test Results

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CalmWind's Test Results

Post by Jay Breezy on Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:22 am

Testee's Deck: Malefic Machina
Tester's Deck: Rank-Up Gadgets

Attitude 10/10: Good sportmanship throughout.

Deck Build 20/25: I feel that the deck chosen has a legit chance to be competitive, though the build itself seemed fairly standard from what I saw. Even so, Skill Drain hurts a LOT of today's top decks, so that's a good choice on your part.

Skill 15/25: So I presume the main idea was to control the board with Malefics with Skill Drain. While the Machina engine works well enough, I didn't get to see much in the way of the 'controlling' aspect. Though I must say, Stygian Dirge and Vanity's Emptiness were good side choices. They surely would have hindered my approace had you been able to play them.

Ruling Knowledge 10/10: No issues here.

Misplays and corrections 10/10: There weren't any instances where I felt you may misplayed. You were able to make the most optimal plays possible, given the situation.

Result of Duels 0/20: Didn't seem to have much of answer to my 'rank-ups', given the situation, which I felt was rather unfortunate. I was actually waiting to see how you'd try to get around them.

Total 65/100

You did well, although I can't help but bring your deck's consistency into question. Like I said, for a Malefic Machina deck, it seemed standard enough. But I think it needs a little something extra. All in all, good job.

Slifer Red: 0-59

Ra Yellow: 60-89

Obelisk Blue: 90-99

Horktany Silver: 100/100

Society of Light is not a rank dorm.

You're in Ra Yellow. Looking forward to having you around the academy!


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