knockD test results

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knockD test results

Post by JerichoTheUnwise on Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:42 am

Tester: JerichoTheUnwise

Testee: knockD

Decks: JerichoTheUnwise: Ancient Gear. knockD: (his words) Warrior/Wheeler

Attitude 8/10: You weren't that talkative, but you seemed like a great person

Deck Build 18/25: Your deck seemed okay, but yet a lot of the cards in it didn't seem to support it.

Skill 13/25: You would of been able to get a higher score on this if you had sided and shown more nice moves off.

Ruling Knowledge 9/10: You only seemed a bit confused on the rulings of Dangerous Machine Type-6

Misplays and corrections 9/10: Once again, I had to correct you on the rulings of Dangerous Machine Type-6

Result of Duels 0/20: You lost both duels, but put up a good fight.

Total 57/100

Slifer Red: 0-59

Ra Yellow: 60-789

Obelisk Blue: 90-99

Horktany Silver: 100/100

Society of Light is not a rank dorm.

Congratulations, you made it into Slifer Red

Note: Sorry about the late upload, my laptop was having technical difficulties on that day


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