Larrythecucumber test results

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Larrythecucumber test results

Post by Moka Cat on Tue May 20, 2014 8:25 am

Decks: What deck the tester and the testee used

I used Harpies he used Gadgets

Attitude /10: State the attitude towards you, the tester. 10/10 he was VERY entertaining, I loved dueling with him XD

Deck Build /25: Competitiveness, Originality and Creativity. State each and the reasons why the marks was given. State and suggest improvements.
15 for competitiveness, 5 for creativity and 5 for originality.

15/25, very competitive but I've seen deck builds like his often.

Skill /25: Siding skill, play style and control of the duel. State how well they sided and/or if they did or not, what is there play style and how they utilized it and how well they controlled the duel.
10 for control, 10 for siding, 5 for general skill and/or nice moves.

15/25 he didn't have a side deck, but he made some really nice plays. In round 1, control of the duel kept switching repeatedly, in round 2, he was in control for most of it.  

Ruling Knowledge /10: there general ruling knowledge of the game, and mark them upon any ruling mistakes occurred. 10/10 nothing came up

Misplays and corrections /10: Explain what errors they did and grade them appropriately. 10/10 only actual misplay was when he forgot to use a gadget effect, though it didn't effect anything.

Result of Duels /20: 0/20 for winning 0 duels, 10/20 for loosing 2-1, 15/20 for winning 2-1, 20/20 for winning 2-0.

20/20 first duel was real close, that cowboy man, that cowboy XD

Total 80/100

Welcome to Ra yellow! You should really get a side deck XD

Moka Cat
Moka Cat

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Re: Larrythecucumber test results

Post by Chamillionaire on Wed May 21, 2014 5:24 am

Welcome to GXDA! Have a good time Very Happy

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