Dark Angel Test Results

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Dark Angel Test Results

Post by Chancellor Sheppard on Fri May 23, 2014 7:14 am

Decks: Tested using Dark Worlds and used Gergia

Attitude /10: 10/10, very present duellist.

Deck Build /25: Competitiveness, Originality and Creativity.
10/15 Competitiveness: Very competitive deck and was able to keep up game 1 and lock down game 2 and 3 against Dark Worlds. Overall a very well built deck
3/5 Creativity: From what I saw seemed like a standard build but perhaps a bit more trap heavy than other builds are.
2/5 Originality: Again seemed like a standard build of the deck.
Overall Deck Building Score 15/25

Skill /25: Overall mark 20/25
Control 7/10: Game 2 and 3 you looked my deck down through cards such as Macro Cosmos and Shadow Impersing Mirror. Also you was able to either stop most of my traps and/or remove them.
Siding 10/10: Sided in the right cards and coped with my deck very well.
General skill/ Nice Moves 3/5: You was able to utilize cards such as evilswarm exciton night to re-balance the game when needed during game 1 and completely looked me down in games 2/3.
10 for control, 10 for siding, 5 for general skill and/or nice moves.

Ruling Knowledge 7/10: There was only 1 ruling which you got wrong which was book of moon, however the rest was fine.

Misplays and corrections 10/10: A flawless duel.

Result of Duels 15/20: For winning 2-1

Total 77/100

Don't be to harsh or to easy on them. Also explain in detail why you gave them the marks you did so they are able to improve as a duellist.

Slifer Red: 0-59

Ra Yellow: 60-89

Obelisk Blue: 90-99

Abandoned Dark Dorm : 100/100

You made it to Ra Yellow Congrats
Chancellor Sheppard
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Re: Dark Angel Test Results

Post by Dark Angel on Fri May 23, 2014 6:18 pm

awwwww Razz
i did bad lol

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