Hacker Awareness Situation

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Hacker Awareness Situation

Post by JerichoTheUnwise on Thu May 22, 2014 6:13 pm

Okay, as some of you know, a new student under the name of Ai Mori joined the academy a couple of days ago. After going to an academy she redirected me to that I tried to affiliate with, she started fear mongering in the chatbox here. She said that we were going to be targeted by a hacker that was responsible for the take down of SDA, and while her evidence was true, I told her to stop. Chancellor Sheppard and Blue Eyes Supremacy have put protection in place before she had even joined, and we have a Forumotion staff member who still counts himself as a member of this academy. Despite my warnings, she continued, and not only made a trusted staff member quit, but also made her leave the academy. Until further notice, Ai Mori will be banned, and shall stay banned until I discuss this with Sheppard. She went so far as to accuse me of affiliating with a hacker when she herself is affiliated with a hacker mentioned by Pizza Boi in his former post. The academy mentioned earlier is RDA (http://the-royal-duel-acad.forumotion.com/) and the hacker is known as "Hyperion-Konami". I shall be reporting this to Forumotion, so they can track his IP and he can be punished accordingly.


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