Umbreon (Ashes2Ashes)

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Umbreon (Ashes2Ashes)

Post by jesussusej on Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:56 am

Testee: Plants
Tester: Infernity

Attitude 10/10: Attitude was great the whole time.

Deck Build 13/25:
Competitiveness: 5/15- Lost pretty easily. Got boss monster out once though.
Originality: 3/5- Not many people run plants anymore.
Creativity: 5/5- Had some plants that usually arenoot used.
Suggestions: Run more traps.

Skill 13/25: Siding skill, play style and control of the duel. State how well they sided and/or if they did or not, what is there play style and how they utilized it and how well they controlled the duel.
Control: 0/10- Never controlled the duel once. Granted I drew two mst, a dark hole, and a mirror force our second duel.
Siding: 10/10- Had great siding to stop my banishing and to banish some of my monsters from graeyard. If he had drew them i would have had more trouble winning.
Play Style: 3/5- Had the potential to be good if i did not have so many traps that countered and had two mst to get rid of his important spells.

Ruling Knowledge 10/10: Knew all rules. Never had to ask a question.

Misplays and corrections 10/10: No errors whatsoever

Result of Duels 0/20: Won no duels.

Total 56/100

Welcome to Slifer Red. Really close to Ra Yellow. Keep trying.


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