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Post by Chancellor Sheppard on Wed Apr 02, 2014 2:30 am

GX Duel Academy is a Duel Academy based of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime series. Joining our site will give your on-line duelling experience a purpose. You will learn more about Yu-Gi-Oh, make new friends, compete with the best to be the best and feel like you are in a real Duel Academy. We offer tournaments, special events, posting games and much more, all well themed and adopted to the site.

Before you start to enjoy the site, you must first read the rules and regulations which can be found here. By registering you accept these and therefore you will be responsible for any of your actions if you break theses. 

Next we want to know a bit more about you so post an introduction here. Then our members will welcome you and this will be your official start at the academy. 

We have 5 dorms within the academy, Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, Obelisk Blue, Horkatny Silver and the Society of light. In order to be placed with a dorm you must first take a test, in order to do this you must join the academy chatbox and see if there is a teacher available to test you. Once tested you will be assigned to a dorrm. Once you have received your dorm there a multiple ways of ranking up. These are by participating in academy events or accomplishing things. Also if your Dorm Representative feels that you have accomplished enough then they are also able to give you a rank up to the next dorm. 

After you have had your test you are able to create your dorm room. A dorm room is a thread that you create in your dorm and you can post things there. The academy is where you live and your dorm room is where you stay, if you don't know what to post then have a look other peoples dorm room to try and get some inspiration.  

This place is a forum so one of the things we do here is post. You can post about anything Yu-Gi-Oh related, non Yu-Gi-Oh related or anything you want in the corresponding section. Also we are continuously improving the forum for our members so if you have anything you want to say visit the Academy Suggestions forum. 

Here at the academy we have a virtual currency called Duel Points, each member starts off with 100 and these can be earned by participating in the Battle ArenaShadow ArenaTournamentsEvents and Dice Games. You can spend the Duel Points you earn in the Academy Shops

Communication is one the most important things at the academy. The main way to communicate with the members is through the chat box. The chat box is located on every page, just simply click and it will expand, click again and it will go back in. 

That is everything you need to know to get started at the Academy. If you need more help use the chat box to communicate with other members to see if they can help you or PM directly.

-Chancellor Sheppard.
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