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The staff Handbook Empty The staff Handbook

Post by Chancellor Sheppard on Wed Apr 02, 2014 12:19 am

This is to detail what is expected from each member of staff within the academy. 

Firstly each member of staff no matter what the position represents the academy and the attitude of the academy, so in order to be a member of staff you must:

  • Be able to respect other members and there points of views
  • Be willing to help the academy in anyway possible and its members
  • Set a good attitude for the academy
  • Have a good temperament
  • You must also be active within the academy

The different academy roles are:


  • Its a teachers job to test the students and place them in there dorms
  • Keep up to date on card sets, card rulings, game mechanics and post articles on them
  • Post Homework for the students and make lessons to help the students grow
  • Be up to date what is going on in the classroom area and help with decks and card choices


  • A moderator overseas the communication within the academy environment. They are responsible and consulted over the direction of threads and the content of the academy. 
  • The main role of a moderator is to make sure the academy is a safe environment and everybody feels comfortable within the academy. 


  • The main job of an administrator is to make sure that the academy is efficient and it operates flow
  •  It requires to have a set of specific skills including good organization, communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • A good administrator will also delegate staff roles authority, responsibility and supervise staff. 


  • An assistant's job may very and are a number of different roles:
  • Dorm Rep: It is a dorm rep job to manage the members of there dorm, organise tournaments for there dorm, assign homework and set a good an example to your dorm.
  • Tournament Organiser: These help to organise events for the academy and may be asked to watch over and monitor them
  • War Adjudicator: These are in charge of monitoring wars of the academy teams section, if they are an administrator they may be asked to monitor non-related academy wars and manage the official academy war team.    

The most important job of the academy staff is to represent the academy in a positive way, if they do not do this then sanctions may be placed upon them.

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