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Post by Chancellor Sheppard on Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:21 am

Welcome to the Academy Central Shop where you can trade your DP to buy an Academy Item.

 Item Name Item Cost  Item Description
 Rename Item  1500DP 
 The rename item allows you to change your 
 username.However you must provide a 
 valid reason on why you want to change it. 
 Name Reservation Item  4000DP 
This allows you to reserve a username, 
 so that no other member is allowed to take 
 it. You must provide the reason on why you 
 want to reserve it. If you become in active
 then the reservation is no longer in affect.  
 Profile Song Item  2000DP 
This enables you to put a song on your 
 profile. You must provide a link from Youtube 
 for the song you want. 
 Horakhty Test Item/ 
 Re-Test Item
 This enables you to be re-tested or if your in Obelisk 
 Blue then you can be tested for Horakhty Silver 
 by an Admin. 
 Warning Removal Item 8000DP 
This will get you a warning removed from your 
 profile, you must state a valid reason on why
 you want a warning removed. You must also must 
 of not had a warning recently. 
 Blog Item  30000DP   
 Dorm rooms are limited to just one topic, however
 with a blog you can have multiple topics. You will
 have your own section of the academy.
 Deck Shop Item  1500DP 
 This allows you to have your own deck shop, which 
 you can sell decks to the other members of the
 GFX Shop Item  1000DP 
 Enables you to open up your own GFX Shop, in 
 which you can sell Graphical Art to members of the
 Special Shop Item  1000DP 
 This is a custom shop of your choice in which the
 academy does not currently have. You can not sell
 decks or GFX in this type of shop. 
 Lesson Item  2500DP 
 This allows you to request a lesson on a specific
 subject. You must provide detailed information on 
 the subject. 
 Article Item 5000DP 
 This allows you to request an article, however you 
 have to be specific about the particular subject 
 you want it done on. 
 Deck List Item 10000DP 
 This allows you to request a member of staff to do
 a detailed guide on a specific deck of your choosing. 
 Role Play Item  8000DP 
 This gives you the right to host your own role play. 
 You must provide detailed information about your
 concept, if it looses activity then we reserve the right 
 to remove it. 
 Puzzle Item 500DP 
 This allows you to create your own puzzle or quiz, you
 need to provide specific details about your concept.
 Event Item  10000DP
 This allows you to host your own academy event that
 has DP as a Prize. 

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